News Release – Update June 4, 2020 – Back on the field!

The SBA is extremely pleased with the announcement of the gradual resumption of team sports, to which players, parents, and all of us, members of the SBA, were so eager!

News Release – COVID-19 – June 4, 2020 Update

This resumption begins with Phase 1, which will focus on technical development and contactless competitive games, without any activity in the form of a match or without allowing physical distance of 2 meters.

Our technical staff and our CA have been working for some time to plan this takeover and we are in the process of fine-tuning the final details.

In the coming days, we will send you all the registration information, the program that will be offered to you, as well as all other details related to this exceptional takeover.

So we'll tell you very soon on our grounds!

Nada Massoud

VP Communication

Association de Soccer de Brossard


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