News Release – AGM 2019- New CA

Hello dear members,

The Brossard Soccer Association held its annual general meeting on Wednesday, November 27, and wishes its board of directors the best of luck:

President Yvan Fiset

VP Finance Nick Kaminaris

VP André Belotte Training

VP Equipment George Tsantopoulos

VP Referee Zouhair Loubani

The SBA also thanks board members who continue their work in the second year of their mandate:

Secretary Nadeige Marton

VP Senior-Intervilles Moussa Tendjaoui

VP Communications Nada Massoud

VP Registrar Chris Hotte

At the first Board of directors of the new Board of Directors on December 1, the Board also nominated by resolution, as provided for by the statutes and regulations (s. 4.5.1 ) the following members:

VP Recreational League Claudio Rubbo

VP Competition Stéphane Schyburt

Our Board of Directors are always open and available to answer your questions and discuss any topics that you think are important. Don't hesitate to contact us!

Nada Massoud

VP Communications

Association de soccer de Brossard


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