Uniform donations – an initiative of our player Magalie Achim

The Brossard Soccer Association is proud to support Magalie Achim, U17FAAA soccer player and U9F assistant coach, for her donation project
uniforms for children in Africa.

Magalie says, "I've noticed how lucky we are to get a new uniform every year. However, there was a glaring build-up of old uniforms in my wardrobe. So I thought these jerseys could have a second life! While having the need to give to the next, I had the idea to start a collection of uniforms from all the players of the association who feel the same need as me. After that, your donations will be sent to Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso and Kenya to be carried by other young players."

The SBA therefore wishes to recover any outdated soccer equipment from
your children: uniforms, shoes, shins, guard gloves
…to hand them over to Mr. Abdoul Aziz Kimba Djado,
AfricaSport (https://africasport.info/).

The organization will donate all donations to four African countries:

Mali, Burkina Faso and Kenya.

This will allow us to see dozens of soccer athletes wearing the
SBA colors …Africa!

Recovery boxes will be made available to you
Brossard's soccer parks as well as the SBA offices at the Complex
Bell and on Rome Boulevard.Recovery will begin at the
April 20-21 at CS Bell.

Thank you all!


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