Our programs


Brossard Soccer offers a range of programs to enable each participant to find their own way:


Soccer programs

  • Initiation U4 to U8

The introductory program presents the basics of soccer. Focused on discovering the sport and the various possibilities it offers, this program leads the child to become aware of his abilities, while having fun. Always from the perspective of me and my ball, the young players will learn the basics of soccer, in terms of dribbling, passing, shooting. All using a fun game model and small sides matches. The aim is to make them love the sport!

  • Development U9 to U12

The development program welcomes players between the ages of 9 and 12 who want to play soccer at a higher frequency and at a more advanced level. This program offers superior coaching clinics. The focus will be on technical development in the form of games.

Using the Coerver method for player technical development, the program continues to focus on the individual development of the player. At the tactical level, the program focuses on the 4 phases of the game (defensive organization, offensive defense transition, offensive organization, attack/defense transition).

An evaluation for each player will be conducted to determine the best program (CDC or recreational) for each player.

  • Competitive Soccer – U13 Performance Program

The Performance program welcomes players 13 years of age and older who want to play soccer at a more advanced level. The Performance sector’s activities take place over the full year. Teams schedule 2 to 3 training sessions per week depending on the category, and usually 1 game per week.

The Performance program consists of several men’s and women’s teams ranging from U13 to senior. All these teams benefit from superior supervision under the aegis of our technical director

While continuing the technical development of the player, the program deepens the emphasis on the 4 phases of the game (defensive organization, transition defense attack, offensive organization, transition attack /defense). In addition, the work is done using the 4 zones of the 11v11 soccer field, and a more in-depth development by position is put in place. This invitation-only program aims to develop top athletes.

Recreational programs

The Juvenile Recreation Program is aimed at players in the U9 to U18 categories and is a league. During the summer season, teams are trained and assigned to a volunteer coach who will take charge of the team from mid-May to mid-August, at a rate of one practice and one game per week, taking place between Monday and Friday. Activities take place on the surrounding outdoor grounds.

Senior Recreational League: This program is available to players 18 years of age and older who wish to play soccer, with or without experience, on a weekly basis. The senior recreational league is made up of mixed teams, and is played in a 7-on-7 model.


Development programs

Club Development Centre – Players

This program offers our members individualized care, both technically, tactically and physically. Our technical director and his staff of specialists will meet your expectations and needs. We know that everyone is progressing at their own level and that workshop work is more conducive to custom corrections. This program is open to all players in our U8 to U12 Development program and takes place once a week as part of their registration for the program.

Summer camps will also be offered within the CDC program.

Club Development Centre – Goalkeepers

The SBA offers a real structure allowing all guardians wishing to reach the elite to belong to a single family. By joining the CDC Guardian of the Brossard Soccer Association, goalkeepers will benefit from a specific quality training session per week supervised by CleanSheet International and its founder Rino Angelilo. This program is aimed at any young person between the age of 7 and 21 who wish to develop in this position.

Elite Players Academy

This program is aimed at elite players in the 13-year-old performance program.It consists of individualized position work to bring players to the next elite level! Through this program, players will have the chance to take advantage of out-of-school internships in European academies and university placement.